Fall 2017 interns

It is almost the end of fall quarter at UC Santa Cruz. My two undergraduate student interns, Judy Hua and Pablo Brito Valecillos, were hard at work all quarter processing Rosy Rockfish fecundity samples from a recent laboratory study. During this quarter, Judy and Pablo helped with animal husbandry work in the aquarium to study reproduction in Rosy Rockfish. For the second half of the quarter, they worked together to process larval samples to estimate fecundity. This work involved careful preparation of samples, subsampling and counting larvae under a microscope.

Here is a photo of Pablo counting Rosy Rockfish larvae and a photo of Judy helping with Rosy Rockfish dissections. Thank you to Judy and Pablo for your hard work this quarter!

Larvae counting
Rosy Rockfish processing

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