Guts and Glory!

Today at the lab we dissected rockfish, and boy were there a lot of them! 112! Most were females with eggs or larvae. We’re doing this to to assess body condition and to study rockfish reproductive patterns to see how changing environmental conditions will affect reproductive success. Today’s haul were caught at Cordell Bank, an … More Guts and Glory!

Santa Barbara smoke

Sunrise over the Santa Barbara channel as we headed out in search of Chilipepper Rockfish. The bright red colors were beautiful and eerie all at the same time as Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are fighting the Thomas fire, one of the largest fires in California history. Smoke and ash were choking the air quality … More Santa Barbara smoke

Fall 2017 interns

It is almost the end of fall quarter at UC Santa Cruz. My two undergraduate student interns, Judy Hua and Pablo Brito Valecillos, were hard at work all quarter processing Rosy Rockfish fecundity samples from a recent laboratory study. During this quarter, Judy and Pablo helped with animal husbandry work in the aquarium to study … More Fall 2017 interns

Summer ’17

This was a busy summer for the Rosy Rockfish laboratory experiment! Tim Hogan joined the team as a NOAA Hollings scholar from the University of Miami. He worked on analyzing images of one-day old larvae released in the lab to look at maternal size effects on larval quality and the possible effects of temperature and … More Summer ’17